Here we will explore the complex issues of living as self-aware beings tentatively connected to all sentient life, who have to set our own goals, create our own meaning, and determine how to behave morally. You will, at some point, find links here to pages on Consciousness, Critical Thinking, Morality, and Human Rights. Currently, we offer:

∇ Enlightenment, an exploration of Chiefy’s philosophy, and its adjunct:

Definitions, describing “spiritual” terms from a slightly different point of view.

I am the sum of my body, my thinking, my memories, and my emotions. I am more than that only in the sense that the whole is more than the sum of its parts, in other words, that analyzing the details of one’s life doesn’t do justice to the complex interplay of the organic whole. I am an autonomous, living, meat covered skeleton made from stardust. I am a small section of the Cosmos in the process of being aware of itself. Does adding faeries in the garden or an invisible Creator make that any more remarkable?

Title image credit: Stefan Morrell.

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