Energy and matter tend to fall into patterns—atoms, clouds, stars, galaxies. One complex set of such patterns is our home planet, which we affectionately call Mother Earth.

Conditions on Earth are determined through a balanced interaction of complicated systems. Human beings have influenced these systems at least since the development of agriculture thousands of years ago. In the last century or so humans have developed the ability to cause massive, potentially destructive changes. Follow the links to explore some of these issues in more detail:

Humankind: examining how the projected human population increase will influence future conditions on Earth.

Sea Ice and Climate: looking at the changing nature of polar ice, and the effects that may have on long-term weather patterns in the temperate regions.

Mother Earth

We can’t save Mother Earth. We don’t need to. We don’t have to provide for her; she can survive without us, but we cannot survive without her. We are one race, and the human race is the only entity capable of working to ensure that Earth can continue to provide for us. We can not continue to grow our numbers indefinitely, neither our production of plastics and pollution nor our population. We cannot continue to alter our environment with no consideration of the consequences. Natural limits to growth cannot be evaded indefinitely.

Earth will abide for many centuries. We can too, if we grow up in time.

Title image credit: Earth Science Society.

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