Here it is, the simple truth:

Your only hope of enlightenment, eternal salvation, or a place in Paradise is to realize that there is a possibility that you could be wrong.

That is it. That means if you truly believe that your god (or other transcendent being) has endowed you with the certain knowledge that you are going to be just fine after you die, then you have no hope. Or to be more precise, your only hope is the slight chance that you will “lose your faith” and gain a deeper understanding of reality, which is probably the true meaning of enlightenment.

So, am I saying that I am open to the possibility that I may be wrong? Of course. I know that it is crazy improbable that I am right about everything. I am open to new knowledge, if it seems reasonable or is heavily supported by hard evidence.

I try not to fall into the easy traps of “believing” things simply because I want them to be true, or because some authority (sorry, Papa) proclaims their truth. If you want to convince me of your way of looking at reality, I have to think that you are open to exploring my way of looking at it. Otherwise, your point of view is just a sales pitch. Believe me, I get those a lot and they are not worth my time. I’m sure you feel the same way.

Peace on you. Keep learning and keep loving.