Free Living—the Cartoon

It seems that cartoons are able to explore heavy, controversial subjects much more effectively than a straightforward discussion can do. I suppose it’s easier to accept something shocking when it’s coming from the mouth of a cute little character like Pogo, or even crudely drawn religious figures.

I made up my mind. I’m going to do it. I have always (and that’s a long time) been captivated by cartoons and comic strips, and now I, though having little artistic talent, am going to launch a webcomic. Expect great things to develop eventually (Dog knows when). For now, you can watch me struggle like a chicken breaking out of its egg.

I have found what I was looking for, a great program for creating characters and putting together a comic strip, and even animation, if I get that far. I doubt that I will use one percent of the program’s capabilities, but who knows? Anyway, you are welcome to watch and laugh at me with me as I learn from my stupid mistakes. Let’s do this thing! I’m psyched!

Here is what I hope to do with the new venture:

  1. Not preach!
  2. Have fun.
  3. Explore nagging philosophical problems.
  4. Highlight dysfunctions in our society.
  5. Take note of weird but endearing qualities of human beings.
  6. Find out if I have any artistic talent.

Not an exhaustive list, we shall see what develops, watch this space.

Update: We have a title and I am developing characters. Follow along at Free Living Organisms!

Title image is Rey, our dog. He is not a cartoon, yet.



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